28 Tasks For An Internet Virtual Assistant

By Karen Sielski

What if you could get an internet virtual assistant for pennies on the dollar, and they did all of the tedious, time consuming tasks in your business that you currently do? This would free up your time to spend on high income producing activities, so your business would grow faster and you'd actually make more money. You would also have more free time to spend on your family, friends, and hobbies.

What tasks should you be doing? You should be doing things that you do best and that are a good use of your time. These are typically tasks that are critical to the success of your business. Tasks that produce $100-$1,000 in income per hour. What tasks should you outsource to an internet virtual assistant? Tasks that are tedious and repetitive, and tasks that require a skill you don't currently have.

The more of these tasks you outsource, the more time you will have for income generating tasks, and the faster your business will grow.

If you are growing your business online, here is a list of 28 specific tasks that you should consider outsourcing to an internet virtual assistant, depending on your skills, interests, time, and budget:

1. Publishing articles to online article directories

2. Submitting online videos to video sites

3. Publishing social content pages on HubPages, Squidoo, and others.

4. Making calls to cold leads

5. Creating graphics

6. Creating websites

7. Creating and managing Adwords campaigns

8. Installing and customizing blogs

9. Posting article content to blogs

10. Maintaining Facebook and MySpace - inviting friends

11. Generating links back to your website

12. Appointment scheduling

13. Formatting PowerPoint presentations

14. Generating web page templates

15. Marketing and product research

16. Getting images for blog entries and websites

17. Writing sales copy

18. Posting Craigs List ads

19. Creating and/or maintaining autoresponder campaigns

20. Creating landing pages and opt-in pages

21. Financial accounts maintenance and bookkeeping

22. Writing content for blogs, articles, presentations, etc.

23. Publishing ezine newsletters

24. Software tool research and evaluation

25. Populating your twitter tweets

26. Search ENgine Optimization (SEO)

27. Selling items on eBay

28. Moderate blog or forum comments

If you would like to find an excellent virtual assistant there are many services that can help you. Some services specialize, such as 99designs.com for graphics work and rentacoder.com for programmers. My favorite is elance.com where I can find just about any type of assistant I need.

Don't wait. Get started today looking for an excellent virtual assistant. When you see how much more you can accomplish with the right assistant you will wish you had known about this sooner. - 32512

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