Have A Big Business Prescence Without The Big Business Budget

By Michelle Carr

Business owners are time poor. There time should be spent doing what they do well however managing their accounts or staff are often the biggest frustration and drain on their time. Even with the best support staff employed by them they still must spend time making sure that their staff are doing the job they are paid to do !

For many small business operators just the effort of hiring, training and managing staff to do your administration, bookkeeping or marketing can take as much as 15-20 hours per week and if you are doing the books yourself the hours are even more. Whats even more alarming is most often the most critical operations of your business could be neglected and this could be a dangerous gamble for even the most profitable or well established business.

The answer could be administration or bookkeeping support on demand for your business. Leveraging staff from an outsourcing business can save you thousands in wages and not to mention have the accountability of a service for payment arrangement.

Outsourcing is the Way Forward for Leveraged Business Growth. In today's competitive business world, progressive businesses are identifying the advantages of outsourcing vital support functions to concentrate on their core business leveraging knowledge of specialised personell without the capital outlay and in house reliance on resources. This means that the business will get the services in administration and marketing without having to spend on wages, holiday pay, expensive equipment or software but still get the job done. A win win situation.

Core Business Processes that can easily be outsourced





Systems and Infrastructure


Systems and Infrastructure

Business Advantages

Time : Get back to doing what you do best

Captial Savings : Save on wages, rent, overheads

Save on Staff : No advertising for staff, training, no downtime, holiday pay or super. A full team working for your business without the costs

ACCURACY Accountability, doesn't require YOU driving your staff to achieve. No re-inventing the wheel. Services are process mapped, with regular audit, review and compliance programs in place to ensure accuracy.

Business Development and Growth : A team of staff dedicated to your business and giving you a big business solution

The Small Business Support model has been proven to drive effective results for businesses and give them the resources needed for aggressive growth and development. Funds saved can be reinvested back into the business to maximise your business growth. - 32512

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