Can Order Taking Be A Profitable Option For Me?

By Kristin Waldman

One of the largest industries in the market today is that of order taking, and this type of work has proven to be one of the best in terms of telemarketing practises. Most businesses can effectively make use of order taking; it can help you to calculate which items are popular, let customers have their say about the company and most importantly, help to increase sales. Order taking enterprises can comprise of sending out catalog requests, taking product orders and resolving customer disputes. The prospective list of choices is unlimited.

You will see that many outsourcing businesses are at your disposal and can competently handle any order taking work. It is usual for them to have human operators that can take incoming calls (as well as make outgoing calls) to process orders, arrange leaflet distribution or process product orders via the telephone. The potential advantages of outsourcing are plentiful.

Just imagine that you have an office that closes early in the afternoon. If you sell certain products, think how many orders you may have missed because the office is closed? If you used order taking facilities, then you could have someone available out-of-hours to pick up those sales calls that you would have otherwised missed. And of course, this is a sure-fire way to help increase your profits.

If you are searching for an order taking provider, it is essential that they have an adequate number of operators to answer and handle the calls efficiently. All of the call canter staff should be well-mannered, helpful and highly skilled. The provider's management staff should be capable of managing the team well and will ensure that all procedures run sleekly.

The company's technology should be such that it can handle a large quantity of calls and be able to process any orders with no errors. If you are a larger organization, you will be looking for a provider who can be available to you throughout the whole year.

One of the many advantages of outsourcing is that you will receive highly aggressive quotes for the work. The way charges are calculated will vary but some companies only charge a one-off payment to take on your project. You may not incur charges relating to training of staff and may be offered a monthly plan to suit your needs. These types of packages may be based on a flat rate or depend on sales targets or volume of calls answered. Many providers will take on turn-key operations for a fixed price each month.

When you are searching for providers it is vital to make sure that they can live up to your expectations. Missing those extra sales calls when the office closed may have been slightly detrimental but worse than that is the possibility that your whole customer base could be affected by an incompetent call center system.

Order taking can be a lucrative option for your business if it is set up correctly from the very beginning. Many small and medium-sized companies can benefit from this method of outsourcing; it is a practical way to capture those potential missed sales and to ensure that there is a repeat pattern of business from satisfied consumers. - 32512

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