Advice On Outsourcing To India

By Wayne Rooney

An increasing amount of businesses are opting to outsource for a wide range of reasons, for example, reduced costs, increased efficiency and productivity, shared risks, and more time to focus on core competencies.

India has taken the initiative in offering outsourcing solutions and has provided an extensive range of outsourcing services to countries around the world for many years. Outsourcing to India is now seen as the world's primary outsourcing solution.

The country has a large pool of technically skilled, educated, English speaking workers that grows every year. Having access to this workforce has allowed India to provide cost-effective services that of are of an equal quality to those available anywhere else.

India uses the latest software, technology and infrastructure and they have shown themselves to be superior in almost every aspect when measured against other nations that supply outsourcing solutions.

When deciding on an outsourcing partner, the following should be considered: track record; references; stability; credentials; samples; communication; post development support.

- Track Record. Learn everything you can regarding the experience of your outsource partner, the various kinds of businesses that they have previously provided services for and the number of projects that they have successfully completed. Also, find out if they have specific experience in delivering services at the scale that your business needs.

- References. Prior to signing an agreement with an outsource company, ask for references. From these you can learn more about the level of quality in the services that they offer, how timely their deliveries are, and if their customer support services can be relied upon.

- Stability & Credentials. Ensure that your potential outsource partner is financially secure. You should also find out about their directors and managers (primarily about their experience and their qualifications).

- Samples. Samples give you a good insight into an outsourcing company's quality of output and expertise. Obtaining these will enable you to make certain that the service provider fully understands what you require and if they have the right processes, technology and people to handle your project.

- Communication. Make sure that the outsource partner that you choose can communicate well in English and check what hours and days they can be contacted and through what means of communication.

- Post Development Support. Comprehensive support on completion of your project is necessary to help you resolve any problems that might arise after they say that they have done all that they have been asked to do. You need to be clear on this, and to have it stated in your contract. - 32512

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