How to Improve Market Presence with Engineering Service Outsourcing

By Paul Adams

Since fast moving products are popularly used worldwide, the entire manufacturing domain is undergoing a fast and major revolution nowadays. Industries like Aerospace and Automotive are growing rapidly in India, which has enabled the growth of engineering services across the country. This growth has triggered the need for smart sourcing in order to gain cost and time benefits. The automotive industry is also growing significantly, thereby creating the need to source components faster and cheaper. Also the demand from domestic and international markets is large, nurturing the growth of these segments.

A reliable engineering services outsourcing function that adds great value in terms of meeting market demands and improving cost benefits will be highly beneficial to industries in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors.

Basically, Engineering services outsourcing (ESO) companies operate from Global Product Development (GPD) centers. This helps to leverage the cost advantage and engineering resource availability offered by various locations in low cost and high cost areas. Also, when enterprises work in GPD model, they need not lag behind due to time zone differences and it helps to develop products fast, better and cheaper.

The engineering outsourcing function makes it easy for enterprises to penetrate into global markets. They make it easy to acquire sophisticated manufacturing machinery and other CAD/CAM/CAE tools to meet the growing demands.

"Some of the highly effective services offered by engineering services outsourcing are: 1. Machine layout detailing, 2. Design of tools and gauges, fixture designs, 3. Process planning, CNC programming, 4. Cost excellence programs, cycle time estimation, 5. VA/VE, off-field troubleshooting, HMI-MMI controls, 6. Manufacturing and vendor management, 7. Concept design through product re-design, 8. Drafting, detailing and modeling, 9. Engineering analysis and simulation, 10. Verification and validation, 11. Application engineering,"

Industries should note that by partnering with an experienced engineering service outsourcing function they can enjoy excellent offshore engineering processes and domain level expertise in the Automotive and Aerospace industry. - 32512

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